Fiction II

…the writer should seek his reward in the pleasure of his work and in release from the burden of his thoughts; and, indifferent to aught else, care nothing for praise or censure, failure or success.

Somerset Maugham, The Moon and Sixpence

*     *     *

Any writer worth his salt writes to please himself…It’s a self-exploratory operation that is endless. An exorcism of not necessarily his demon, but of his divine discontent.

Harper Lee

*     *     *

(Stories below by Allen Kopp.)

A Conversation Between Two Mothers:

A Cross-Eyed Woman:

A Cup of Contempt:

A Good Clown is Worth Repeating:

A Head of Its Time:

A Man Without a Wife:

A Mate for the Monster:

A Pack of Cigarettes and Thou:

After You’ve Gone:

All I Have:

Andrew Magenti:

At the River:

Aunt Bunny Lives in the Country:



Busy Will You Wait:

Bye Bye Blackbird:

Camp Bonhomie:

Carried Off by the Monster:

Cat Scratch Fever:


Charmaine Chatsworth, Society Girl:

Chauncey Peeps:

Church People:


Death is Kind:

Dizzy Street:

During the Storm:

Eating for Two:

Empty Grave:

Eve’s Apples:

False Alarm:

Faux Chinchilla:

Find Out Where the Train is Going:

Five-Finger Discount:

Freaks I Have Known:

George’s Train:

Good Night, Sunny:

Happy Trails:

Hat in the House:

Hawk Prescott:

Head in a Bottle:

Hermaphrodite Ward:

His Last Good Time:

Hold All Calls:

I Don’t Want to Miss Any of This:

I Have Never Known the River Ishcabob to Flood:

I Liked Her Better When She was Ugly:

If You Can’t Be Civil Be Silent:

I’ll Do It but I Won’t Like It:

Imperial Hotel:

In a Cemetery on Halloween Night:

In the Fullness of His Years:

It Has Come to Our Attention:

Just Passing Through:

Late of Cherry Street:

Lola Fenwick:

Look for Light in the Vegetable Patch:

Looks Like Wally Fay:

Mademoiselle Lulu:

Map of the World:

Martha Beck and Ray Fernandez:

Miss Snooty Britches:

Miss Wessel:

Mortal Remains:

Mr. Woodbine is Here:

Muriel Self:

My Hundred Years:

My Mother is Away:

Never Marry:

Never Mix, Never Worry (I Was Dancing and I Was Ridiculous):

Night Train:

Old Friends:

On Company Time:

On the Face of It:

One Way:

Pass Without Paying:

People are Talking:


Pink Eye:

Queen for a Day:

Queen of the Monkey Women:

Rain Continuing Tonight and Tomorrow:

Ring the Night Bell:

Saddle Oxfords:

Schooled in Depravity:


See a Show, Smoke a Lucky:

Shall We Have a Cigarette on It?:

She Wants a Boy She Can Dominate:

Sleep Will Banish Sorrow:

Society Wedding:

Some Dinosaurs Die in Their Sleep:

Sometimes I’m Happy:

Sorority Girl Ties the Knot:

State Line:

Suicide Hotel:

The Beauty Box:

The Business of Doing Good:

The Christmas Club:

The Clown Who Stole Lady Chatterley’s Lover:

The Day Belongs to the Rain:

The Disappearing Boy:

The Doctor Will See You Now:

The Last Hour of the Day:

The Man Who Prepared Himself for Death:

The Midnight Hideaway:

The Monster’s Vision of Heaven:

The Queen Bee of Café Society:

The Ruined City:

The Same Chair at the Same Table:

The Seeing-Eye Mouse:

The Story of the Wig:

The Teddy Bear Phase:

The Truth About Lizzie Shennick:

The Widow’s Mite:

The Wolves are Waiting:

The Woman with the Broken Shoe:

The Yack-Yack Club:


Tomorrow You Shall Find me a Grave Man:

Training Wheels:

Ugly as Sin:

Uncle Billy’s Funeral:

Until We Meet Again:


We Don’t Ask Much of You:

Welcome to the Neighborhood:

What Better Night Than Christmas Eve?

What the Young Matron is Wearing:

When He Saw They Were Dead:

When My Turn Comes:

Where I’m Going:

Where the Frogs Are:

Without Sin:

Your Friend August Wellington:

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