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This website is a one-man operation. I’m a professional writer living in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. I hope to use this site to promote my own work and to share with like-minded people my love of the written word.

Allen Kopp

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  1. Love your site and your taste in fiction.

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  3. Andrés Torres Scott

    Hi, I read two of your stories and liked them a lot, great!

  4. Hi there! I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award, which can be found at this link:

  5. What an absolutely delightful site!

  6. “hillbilly women” rocks.

  7. I stumbled upon your website, Allen, while seeking a copy of Truman Capote’s “Miriam”. Here it was, waiting to be read. Thank you for posting it. Mr. Capote is this month’s selection in our local book club.

    My suggestion to read “Another Voice Another Room” was accepted in December’s selection. As I always do through each month, I learn what I can beyond the novel, about the author’s other works and life.

    I too am a writer. Most of my scribbling was done for newspapers immediately following my university graduation in 1980. While a writer for a PA county paper, I and my wife at the time, owned and operated a used bookstore for six years. We filled a shop full of personally made shelves with thousands of books purchased from customers and estate sales.

    Following the decline of the steel industry, we sold the store and moved to Florida. After writing for three dailies and two weeklies, I knew it was over for me, that drive for a higher purpose with words. Not another city hall, planning commission or school board meeting could I endure.

    Today, I am retired, and, at 64, continue to read. Regarding books, I heard it once said that they “grow in the dark” in the homes of readers, which is true for me, Hardback and paperbacks gathered so quickly, that soon I was selling them at the local flea markets, then online during the earliest days, before websites exploded with one cent books.

    God bless you in your endeavors, Allen.

    • Thanks for writing, David. “Miriam” is still a hot item with the public. It must be studied in schools a lot for people to be so interested in it. I think I heard somewhere that Truman Capote was only 18 when he wrote it. It’s one of his best stories. I’ve read “Other Voices, Other Rooms” a couple of times. There’s also a lot of interest in “The Daemon Lover” by Shirley Jackson. That’s another story where the writer got it just right, with seemingly minimal effort.


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