(The only thing these short story anthologies have in common is that I have work published in all of them. ~ Allen Kopp)

AHF Magazine, Issue 3:

Baby Lawn Literature, December 2015:

Best Genre Short Stories Anthology #1:

Cemetery Moon #9:

Churn Thy Butter, Volume 3, April 2014:

Corvus Review, Fall 2015:

Deadman’s Tome Anthology:

Diverse Voices Quarterly:

Dysfunctional Family Story ~ An Anthology:

Five Million Stories Anthology:

Gaia’s Misfits Fantasy Anthology:

Grey Wolfe Storybook Anthology 2014:

Indie Trigger Short Stories Anthology:

ISFN Anthology #1:

Legends: Paranormal Pursuits 2016:

Literary Brushstrokes, Fall 2013:

Midwest Literary Magazine Anthology:

Midwest Literary Magazine Off-Season Anthology:

Midwestern Gothic Literary Journal Anthology:

Offbeat Christmas Story, an Anthology:

Paranormal Horror Anthology:

Paranormal Horror Two Anthology:

People of Few Words Volume 4 Anthology:

Selected Places: An Anthology of Short Stories from Simone Press:

Short Story America Volume 1:

Skive Magazine April Fools’ Issue 2013:

Skive Magazine Farewell Issue, November 2013:

Streetcake Magazine:

The Literary Hatchet:

The Moon, August 2013:

The Rusty Nail Anthology:

Typehouse Literary Magazine:

Write to Meow 2014 ~ Anthology of Stories, Poems, Essays:

Write to Woof 2014 ~ Anthology of Stories, Poems, Essays:

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