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Midwestern Gothic Literary Journal

Add this to your summer reading list! Issue 2 of Midwestern Gothic is now available, and the stories and poems have only gotten better. Get a hardcopy to flesh out your bookshelf. Issue 2 features fiction and poetry by:

  • Jeffrey Alfier
  • Nina Badzin
  • Molly Brodak
  • Aaron Burch
  • Renee Cohn
  • Elizabeth J. Colen
  • Nancy Devine
  • Anne Earney
  • Noah Falck
  • Rachel Contreni Flynn
  • Casey Francis
  • Scott Garson
  • Deborah Garwood
  • Carter Goodwin
  • Aaron Hamburger
  • Andy Hobin
  • Emily Howorth
  • Kate Jenkins
  • Allen Kopp
  • Sean Lovelace
  • Emily Tamayo Maher
  • Court Merrigan
  • Jim Miller
  • Dan Moore
  • James O’Brien
  • Adam Peterson
  • Alexis Pope
  • Suzanne Scanlon
  • Ian Singleton
  • Keith Taylor
  • Robert Vaughan
  • Kelsey Yoder

Available on Amazon and at other outlets.

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