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The Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail Literary Magazine, August 2012 edition, now on sale.

“The Rusty Nail” is a literary magazine whose goal is to join the growing community of Internet-based English types who not only love literature and the written word, but are enamored with the future of both. We believe that the Internet has given authors and poets the opportunity to share and get recognition for their work without having to sell their soul to “The Man.” This preserves artistic dignity and lets the reader see the writer’s thoughts and soul without the often numbing influence of industry “professionals.” Visit the website for more great writing and to find out how you can submit your own work!

In this Issue: Daniel Davis, John Swain, Jon Boisvert, Dan Hedges, Melina Papadopoulos, Kimberlie Orr, Daniel Vlasaty, Rachel Kolb, Alan W. Jankowski, Dave Gregg, Jerry Guarino, Allen Kopp, Shannon Callsen, Alex Pruteanu, Brian Le Lay, Ann Swann, John Grochalski, M.W. Fowler, Chad Patton, Kate Smith, Martin Frankson, and JR Rogers.

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