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Legends: Paranormal Pursuits 2016


(My short story “When He Saw They Were Dead” is in this just- released anthology available from Amazon.)

From Grey Wolfe Publishing
Legends: Paranormal Pursuits 2016

Some of the most entertaining works of fiction are those very strange stories… those oddities that aren’t easily explained by what common sense teaches, and what scientists know about nature and the world. You know the ones we have in mind… angels, demons, hauntings, UFO sightings and abductions, monsters, ghosts, spirits… those experiences that depart from what is usual or normal, especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature. This special 2016 edition of Legends will introduce you to a collection of scary, odd, ethereal, transcendent, and unearthly accounts. Some of the stories, poems and anecdotal narratives contained within these pages may delight or bewilder the reader. Others may cause trepidation or produce an unnerving influence. Whatever the effect, we are certain that these Legends are some you’ll not soon forget.

426 pages. Available for $25 from Amazon at this link:

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