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Paranormal Horror Anthology

Spasm Valley Paranormal Horror Anthology 2

Paranormal Horror, An Anthology

Available in a Kindle Edition at Amazon for only $0.99 or £0.77:



Adam Sickmiller (“Clean Cut”)

Allen Kopp (“Without Sin”)

Chris Mawbey (“No Room for Three”)

Wendy L. Schmidt (“Peer Pressure Plus Puffy”)

A. A. Garrison (“The Clearing”)

James Cagwin “(Ghost Busted”)

Matthew Wilson (“The Town that Stood Alone”)

Katanie Duarte (“Him”)

Larry M. Mason (“A Grave Robbery”)

Chris Castle (“The Gang of Four”)

Hal Kempka (“The Way Nature Intended”)

Glenn Rolfe (“Sins of My Past”)

Jessica Lynne Gardner (“Death Juice”)

James Cagwin (“Burial Site”)

T. L. Sherwood (“Aspen Lullaby”)

Gary Clifton (“Pew Monsters”)

Jenean McBrearty (“My Neighbor’s Keeper”)

Arpa Mukhopadhyay (“The Return of the Curse”)

Elle Pryor (“I’m Not Me”)

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