The Moon, August 2013

The Moon, August 2013

The Moon
Volume II Issue 8
August 2013

Table of Contents:

Cozycow by Nia Holdon

Where You Aren’t by Lyn Lifshin

Day Before the Day of the Longest Light by Lyn Lifshin

Walking Back from Ballet, June 17 by Lyn Lifshin

Mickey Lolich by Gary Every

Metamorphoses by B.Z. Niditch

Record Set by B.Z. Niditch

Malevich’s “White on White” by B.Z. Niditch

desperate character by t. kilgore splake

ashes by t. kilgore splake

That Music by Margaret Boles

Possibility of Perfection by Margaret Boles

The Beauty Box by Allen Kopp

Cat Scratch Fever by Allen Kopp

Irrigation by Thomas Michael McDade

The eBooks are available now through Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Google Books.

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