Short Story America

The Short Story America Anthology, Volume I

Features 56 great short stories by today’s top short-story writers. Every story is captivating, entertaining and thought-provoking, staying with the reader long after the experience of reading it. The stories in this book touch the themes of the human condition as fully and eclectically as any collection of stories ever has. Short Story America has brought the reader, author and short story together with this treasure trove of contemporary tales that is sure to be a classic collection.

The anthology features short stories by Martin McCaw, T. D. Johnston, Simon C. Larter, Alex Myers, Kristin Fouquet, Laura S. Jones, Gary Buslik, Vicky Mlyniec, Jim Valenti, Rolli, Laury A. Egan, Richard Hawley, Douglas Campbell, Gay Gegani, Marjorie E. Brody, Ted McLoof, Michelle Coppola, Mark J. Ehlers, Anthony Otten, Guy J. Tirondola, Lawrence Buentello, Gary Percesepe, Janet Tay, David Gaughran, Duffy Foster, Debra Brenegan, Paul Elwork, Mary Ann Back, Alan Cheuse, Tom Groh, Mark Mills, Jen Knox, Rita Rubin, Ray Morrison, T. L. Crum, Allen Kopp, Shelley Stack, Sharon Knauer, Kyle Hemmings, Evan Kuhlman, Dawn Allison, Mark S. Jackson, Shirley Eaves, Chase Dearinger, Joel Shulkin, Adam Parker Cogbill, Paul Elwork, and Gail Westerfield.

Available in stores, from Amazon and from the Short Story America website. 

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