Indie Trigger Short Stories

Indie Trigger – Short Stories [Kindle Edition]

Joe Clifford (Author), Adam Moorad (Author), Dan Nielsen (Author), Stephanie Becerra (Author), Tom Pitts (Author), Jim Meirose (Author), Allen Kopp (Author), Jerry Levy (Author), Bobbi Lurie (Author), Elle Pryor (Editor)

Thirteen writers with an impressive list of writing credits from the American Independent Press scene. Tom Pitts and Joe Clifford, two writers who once lived on the streets, focus on the desperation of drug addiction. Dan Nielsen writes about a drifter in need of more beer. Adam Moorad and Jim Meirose transport us to surreal worlds where everything is unexpected. Mental health and therapy, in all its complexity, is explored by Bobbi Lurie and Stephanie Becerra. The vulnerability of old age is laid bare by Allen Kopp and Phyllis Humby. There is dark humor from James Valvis plus dysfunctional relationships from Michael C. Keith, Jerry Levy and Elle Pryor.

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