Midwest Literary Magazine

Midwest Literary Magazine Spring Anthology 2010

Featuring works by: Alejandro Omidsalar, Allen Kopp, Amanda LaPera Andrew Clark, Becca Owen, Billie Louise Jones, Casey Quinn, Craig Workman, Danielle DeLisle, Donna Hilton, Elliot Andreopoulos, Francis DiClemente, Gary Beck, J. Mark Hauer, J. T. Seate, James A. Kirin, Jim Meirose, Joan Colby. John Abbott, John Rachel, Jonathan Odell, Kevin Keating, Malcolm Dixon, Mary Whitsell, Matt Hlinak, Nick Medina, Nicole M. Taylor, Patick F. Murphy, Regina Williams, Richard Bell, Richard O’Brien, Ricky Ginsburg, Robert J. Caporale, Sibel Catana, Terry Sanville, Traci Foust.

Contents: “These Are the Heirlooms,” “The Necklace,” “The Movers,” “Rounding the Bases,” “Astraphobia,” “Florida,” “The Silent Steps,” “The Edge of the Earth,” “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” “Faux Chinchilla,” “Hawk Prescott,” “George Granger,” “Writing Home,” “Last Letters to the Chief,” “Absence of Mind,” “Bats,” “Cicadas,” “Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City,” “Changing Tires,” “The Lone Ranger,” “The Hunted,” “The Other Side,” “Natural Selections,” “Garden Lovers Make the Best Fertilizer,” “Only Child,” “First Chair,” “Celena,” “When Pigs Flew,” “The Most Amazing Day Ever at Faye’s Diner,” “The Boy Who Did Dothing,” “What Must the Neighbors Think?,” “Retro Ryder,” “Tango Twist,” “Deer Park,” “A Holiday Lesson,” “Delicate Garden,” “Desert Rain,” “Talking a Good Game,” “Old Fashioned Ways,” “Escape,” “Journey,” “Testimonial,” “Oppression,” “This Modern Plague,” “When I Did Sleep,” “The Distance Shows Us How,” “The Art of Cultivating Night Blooms,” “A Wright Brother’s Purgatory,” “The Great Hunger,” “Pilate’s Last Confession,” “All the Time Invisible,” “Bathsheba.”

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