Paranormal Horror Two Anthology


Paranormal Horror Tw0 ~ An Anthology of Short Stories from Simone Press

With terrifying stories about werewolves, stuffed humans, vampires, guardian angels, the devil and a variety of malevolent demons between its macabre pages. It’s the sequel to the popular “Paranormal Horror” anthology. It features new contributors Ed Ahern, Diane Arelle, Daniel Davis, W.K. Erwin, Jerry G. Erwin, John Haas and David Perlmutter. Their chilling tales will give you nightmares. Returning as authors are the writers that made the prequel so good: Jim Cagwin, Gary Clifton, Katanie Duarte, A.A. Garrison, Allen Kopp, Chris Mawbey, Jenean McBrearty, Matthew Wilson and Wendy L. Schmidt have written brilliant new tales. If you are interested in the paranormal and like being scared then this is the perfect book for you.

Available on Amazon in Kindle edition at $2.99:

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