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Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)


Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)

When grave robbers open the crypt of Lawrence Talbot (dead four years) they get the surprise of their lives: He isn’t dead. He can’t die because he is the Wolf Man. All the grave robbers do is release him into the world. Believing he wants to die more than anything, Lawrence seeks out Dr. Frankenstein to help him. Dr. Frankenstein is dead, of course, but his daughter, Baroness Frankenstein, is alive. She knows where her father’s diary is that contains all the secrets of life and death. Not only does Lawrence Talbot, the Wolf Man, meet the daughter of Dr. Frankenstein, he also meets, more notably, Frankenstein’s monster, encased in ice beneath the ruined castle. He frees the monster from his icy prison, believing he can also be helped by Dr. Frankenstein’s diary.  



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  1. Mr. Kopp, In Arizona, some of the Native American tribes have the “wolf man” who will drive the unwanted out of their reservations. A Shaman is used to rid of teachers, he gets into the trailers and homes of the teachers to get hair, clothing??? Then uses them in a ceremonial chant to bring wolf man to their door. Most of the women alone must wonder at the old stories that some how come to haunt them in their lives up on the reservations??? atk


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