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The House of Frankenstein (1944)


The House of Frankenstein (1944)

Dr. Niemann, mad scientist and protégé of Dr. Frankenstein, along with his hunchback assistant named Daniel, has been in prison for fifteen years for transplanting a human brain into a dog’s skull. A fortuitous storm/earthquake knocks down the prison walls, allowing Dr. Niemann and Daniel to escape. They find themselves in a traveling chamber of horrors that has, among other exhibits, the skeleton of Count Dracula. When Dr. Niemann removes the stake from the skeletal chest of Dracula (the stake that killed him), Dracula materializes into the blood-sucking vampire he once was, allowing him to have a brief infatuation with a young married matron in the neighborhood. Leaving the traveling chamber of horrors, Dr. Niemann and Daniel make their way to the castle of the late Dr. Frankenstein. The castle, you will recall, was dynamited by the villagers and then flooded, so it’s just a ruin. Dr. Niemann discovers, in the ice beneath the castle, the intact bodies of Lawrence Talbot, who becomes the Wolf Man during a full moon, and Frankenstein’s monster. He begins working to restore the monster, Dr. Frankenstein’s greatest achievement, to the fully functioning killing machine he once was. Lawrence Talbot, for his part, entreats Dr. Niemann to give him a new brain so he will be relieved forever of the curse of being the Wolf Man. Of course, none of this works out the way it’s supposed to.  



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