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The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)



The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)

Since Son of Frankenstein in 1939, the monster has been languishing in a sulfur pit in Frankenstein’s castle. In The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942), a torch-bearing mob, in an effort to rid the village of the Frankenstein curse, blows up Frankenstein’s castle, inadvertently releasing the monster from the pit. The monster is aided and abetted by his friend Ygor, whose twisted body is the result of being hanged but not dying. Ygor takes the monster to the son of the original Dr. Frankenstein, who knows all of his father’s secrets, to make him strong again, with the strength of a hundred men. Since the monster has a bad brain, Dr. Frankenstein will give him a new and better brain. The monster wants the brain of a little girl from the village that he has taken a liking to, but Ygor wants Dr. Frankenstein to give the monster his own brain, so he will live forever in a body that’s not twisted. The brain switch doesn’t work out quite as expected.  



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