Son of God ~ A Capsule Movie Review

Son of God

Son of God~ A Capsule Movie Review by Allen Kopp 

When I first saw the trailer for Son of God, I expected it to be a parody or something other than what it appears to be. There are so few movies on biblical subject matter that when one does come along you can hardly believe what you’re seeing. It’s been ten years since The Passion of the Christ and, while that movie was a huge hit (over $600 million in world-wide box office receipts), moviemakers don’t seem to be interested in repeating its success, for whatever reason.

Son of God, as the title implies, is a rendering of the life of Jesus Christ, focusing mainly on the last years of his life when he traveled around with his disciples, making himself known by teaching the word of God. People who witnessed the healings and other miracles had no doubt that Jesus was who he said he was. He had a small but loyal band of followers that grew larger every time he spoke. People, tired of Roman rule, hungered for the kind of message that he was delivering. Are things that much different today? We have a greedy, corrupt federal government that lies to us, attempts to take away more of our liberties at every turn, and takes far too much of our money in taxes, an alarming amount of which is wasted by incompetent politicians whose only aim is to maintain the status quo. Jesus promises a better world for those who believe in him. It is still an appealing message.

Son of God is reverent and respectful, without irony or condescension. It is in no way an attempt to revise or modernize the story or make it politically correct by today’s standards. It’s a literal interpretation of the Bible. Either you embrace it or you don’t. Nonbelievers will have plenty to tear apart and scoff at. Isn’t that what they do? Isn’t that the way it has always been?

Copyright © 2014 by Allen Kopp 

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