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Offbeat Christmas Story ~ An Anthology

Offbeat Christmas Story, an Anthology cover

(My short story, “The Third Day of Winter,” is in this new anthology of Christmas stories. )

It’s available on Amazon:

Weary of the holiday crowds? Try Offbeat Christmas Story, a collection of seasonal tales sure to make you grin! Some funny stories include ‘Xmas Traditions,’ where the narrator celebrates Christmas by turning off all the dripping faucets in skyscrapers. In ‘A Wall Street Fairy Tale,’ a genie helps the narrator torture his old girlfriend and new lover with telemarketing. ‘A Christmas Tale’ tells the story of a war veteran as he readjusts to the American milieu. Then, the search for the perfect Christmas tree finally pays off in ‘Can’t See the Tree for the Forest.’ ‘It Came Upon a Midnight Clear’ is a contemporary story structured around a folktale of a mad miner and the Christ child. In ‘The Third Day of Winter,’ a woman spends her Christmas Eve opening her arms to those who need love the most. For those that cherish the holiday spirit, we have ‘Double Blessing,’ a contemporary Nativity story told from a barn owl’s point of view, and ‘When Tomorrow Comes,’ a story about starting over after life takes a hefty downturn. Esteemed authors include Scathe meic Beorh, Rebecca T. Dickinson, Lori Gilbert, Jane Hertenstein, Reynold Junker, Allen Kopp, Lance Manion, and Michail Mulvey.

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