The Literary Hatchet, Issue 32

TLH cover, Issue 32

The Literary Hatchet, Issue 32

The Literary Hatchet is an independent international journal devoted to emerging and established voices crafting provocative short fiction and thoughtful poetry and prose. Published three times a year! (Stefani Koorey, editor; Eugene Hosey, editor; Michael Brimbau, editor.)

Contributing writers and artists for Issue 32 include: Jaya Abraham, Jon S. Bach, Barbara Demarco-Barrett, Mike Bemis, Warren Benedetto, Bruce Boston, Jarad T. Bushnell, Jay Caselberg, Scott J. Couturier, Nate Currier, George Freek, Eugene Hosey, Michael Lee Johnson, Gloria Keeley, Ngo Binh Anh Khoa, Tara Knight, Allen Kopp, Aurora Lewis, Christopher Locke, Denny Marshall, DS Maolalai, Mark Millicent, Fabiyas MV, James B. Nicola, Caitlyn Pace, Jaden Pierce, Marshall Pipkin, Trevor Price, Wayne Scheer, Emily Smith, John Sweet, Bill Thomas, John Tustin, Gracelyn Walls, Jim Windolf, Todd Zack.

Available for purchase for $15 a copy at this link on Amazon:


(With the extreme modesty that is my nature, I have to admit that I have three short stories in Issue 32 of The Literary Hatchet: “Auburn Delacroix,” “Divorcee with Two Growing Children,” “Mrs. Biederhof.”)

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