The Literary Hatchet, Issue 30

The Literary Hatchet cover, Issue 30

The Literary Hatchet, Issue 30

The Literary Hatchet is an independent international journal devoted to emerging and established voices crafting provocative short fiction and thoughtful poetry and prose. Published three times a year! (Stefani Koorey, editor; Eugene Hosey, editor; Michael Brimbau, editor.)

Contributing writers and artists for Issue 30 include Robert Beveridge, Mahmood Bilal, Bhupin Butaney, Shawn Chang, Sally Connors, Barbara Demarco-Barrett, Tak Erzinger, Matt Gleason, David Greske, Himan Heidari, Greg Huteson, Jill Jepson, Ferris E. Jones, Robert Jones, Gloria Keeley, Allen Kopp, Edward Lee, Aurora M. Lewis, Fabiyas MV, Denny Marshall, Bruce McRae, Marshall Pipkin, Emma Raymond, Sandip Saha, Wayne Scheer, Dean Schreck, Michael Seeger, Stuart Stromin, Bill Thomas, John Tustin, Brian Volck, and Todd Zack.

Available for purchase for $12 a copy at this link on Amazon:


(A little note: I have six short stories in Issue 30 of The Literary Hatchet: “Everybody Else Went on Ahead,” “Frozen Charlotte,” “Marrying Quintus Cavender,” “My Father’s Pajamas,” “The Million-Year Experiment,” “Your Time, My Time.”)

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