One thought on “1929 ~ Thomas Edison and Henry Ford

  1. Allen, Thank you for posting this picture. I am most interested in the life of Henry Ford and his relationship with Thomas Edison. I’ve seen quite a few Henry Ford places over the years: His buildings and Greenfield Village & The Henry Ford (Museum) in Dearborn, MI; his mansion, Fairlane (over the mantle on a fireplace it says ‘Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice”); his lumber plant in Alberta, MI; his lumber mill in Big Bay; and one of my favorites the big hotel-like building he had built so he and his executives could stay in comfort when in the Big Bay area. I got so lucky a few years ago when I was in the building (it is now called ‘The Thunder Bay Inn’ and part of ‘Anatomy of a Murder’ was filmed in the bar/restaurant there – Otto Preminger had the whole bar/restaurant built for the movie, then gave it to the building’s owner after filming was done. Today it is a GOOD restaurant and a beautiful place to stop. Anyway, when I was there a housekeeper was taking a few people on a tour of the upstairs, and I asked if I could come along., It was GREAT! Saw the bedrooms of Ford’s executives which were smallish and had to share a bathroom in the hallway; then the room made for Henry Ford that had a lot of beautiful mosaic, its own bathroom, and its own air conditioner (added later); and we also saw the private room set aside for his wife, Clara and son Edsel, which was as beautiful as Mr. Ford’s. AND you could spend the night in their room/s for $125 a night! I haven’t yet… I read ‘Ford; The Man and the Machine” (or words to that effect) and have “Uncommon Friends: Life with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Alexis Carrel and Charles Lindbergh, with a foreword by Anne Morrorw Lindbergh in my to-be-read stack. They do have Edsel Ford’s home open to tour but have not done so yet. His story is incredible as well. (Edison’s entire Menlo Park lab is in Greenfield Village, and the USED to play his first recording, which was a wax cylinder of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”) What interesting lives and how captivating it is to me to read about them (+ Lindbergh). Thanks again, Sherry

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