The Literary Hatchet, Issue 28

The Literary Hatchet
Issue #28

The Literary Hatchet is an independent international journal devoted to emerging and established voices crafting provocative short fiction and thoughtful poetry and prose. Published three times a year! (Stefani Koorey, editor; Eugene Hosey, editor; Michael Brimbau, editor.)

Contributing writers and artists for Issue #28 include: Luis Abbou Planisi, John Thomas Allen, Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier, Ananya Chatterjee, Barbara Demarco-Barrett, Michael Dittman, Eugene Hosey, Ahni Hurst, Michael Lee Johnson, Janne Karlsson, Gloria Keeley, George Kelly, Cindy Knoebel, Allen Kopp, Cristopher Locke, Denny Marshall, Fabiyas MV, Maurice O’Sullivan, Marshall Pipkin, Wayne Scheer, Dean Schreck, and Jim Windolf.

Available for purchase for $14 a copy at this link on Amazon:

The Literary Hatchet #28: Authors, Collective, Koorey, Stefani, Hosey, Eugene, Brimbau, Michael: 9798717684743: Books


(A little note: I have six short stories in Issue 28 of The Literary Hatchet: “For Sentimental Reasons,” “Maroon and Yellow,” “Not a Cough in a Carload,” “Since Anybody Lived Here,” “Under the Wide Western Sky,” “You May Know Him as a Ghoul.”)  


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