The Literary Hatchet, Issue 27

The Literary Hatchet
Issue #27

The Literary Hatchet is an independent international journal devoted to emerging and established voices crafting provocative short fiction and thoughtful poetry and prose. Published three times a year! (Stefani Koorey, editor; Eugene Hosey, editor; Michael Brimbau, editor.)

Contributing writers and artists for Issue 27 include: Barbara Demarco-Barrett, René Bindslev, Boris Grann, Deborah Guzzi, Michael Lee Johnson, Ferris E. Jones, Julian Kanagy, Gloria Keeley, Thomas Koperwas, Allen Kopp, Aurora Lewis, Christopher Locke, Denny Marshall, Fabiyas MV, D S. Maolalai, Tylor James, Marshall Pipkin, Nuala Sanchez, Wayne Scheer, Dean Schreck, Michael Seeger, Cathryn Shea, Neil Strahl, Bill Thomas, Nathaniel Neil Whelan, and Todd Zack.

Available for purchase for $14 a copy at this link on Amazon:


(A little note: I have six short stories in Issue 27 of The Literary Hatchet: “As Long As I Live,” “The Only Red Dog in the Neighborhood,” “Twenty-Minute Rest Stop,” “Poor People of Our County,” “The Picture is About to Begin,” “Freya Badgett.”)  



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