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Died Yesterday After a Four Weeks’ Illness

(No date on this interesting obituary, but it appears to be 1890s. The real heroes in the world are the people who eradicate diseases like typhoid fever so young people don’t have to die of them.)

Fred C. Meisel

Died Yesterday After a Four Weeks’ Illness.

Early Demise of a Promising Young Man.

His Ability and Noble Qualities of Heart and Mind.

“Fred Meisel is Dead” were the hushed words which were passed from one to another yesterday during the morning church hour, and when the services ended the sad intelligence quickly reached the ears of many, young and old, who have been solicitous over the condition of one of Port Huron’s brightest and most promising young men, who had lain stricken with typhoid fever for four long weeks.

Frederick Carl Meisel, in his twentieth year, the elder son of G. C. Meisel, died at his home on Seventh Street at 11 o’clock yesterday morning, the immediate cause of death being pneumonia, which his system, weakened by fever, was unable to withstand.

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