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Psycho (1960)

There’s a spooky old house, a deserted motel, a desiccated corpse in the fruit cellar, a deranged young man who dresses in his mother’s clothes and wig and kills people with a big knife, a main character who dies thirty minutes into the movie, and a creepily effective music score. What more could you want from a great horror movie?

The Bates Motel is off the main highway. Norman Bates is the proprietor.

Norman Bates lives in the big house behind the motel. That’s his mother in the window. Or is it?

Wayward traveler and thief Marion Crane gets lost in the rain and ends up at the Bates Motel.

Norman Bates is attracted to Marion Crane, or at least a part of him is.

After they say goodnight, Norman Bates spies on Marion Crane through a peep hole in the wall.

Marion Crane decides to take a shower, which gives us a chance to see her in her underwear.

Marion Crane in the pivotal shower scene.

The delightful Mrs. Bates, Norman Bates’ mother.


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