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Son of Frankenstein (1939)


Son of Frankenstein (1939)

Mad scientist Dr. Heinrich Frankenstein is long dead but his son, Wolf Frankenstein, lives, and he is also a doctor. When Wolf returns to his ancestral home with his American wife and son, he finds out just how unpopular his father is because of the unholy experiments he conducted in his laboratory but, more specifically, for the terrifying, ten-foot-tall, killing-machine monster he made out of the body parts of cadavers. The villagers believe the monster was destroyed but Dr. Wolf Frankenstein learns, soon after his arrival at Castle Frankenstein, that the monster lives and is being nursed and tended to by none other than hunchbacked, broken-necked Ygor. The monster and Ygor are close friends and, in fact, have no other friends besides each other. When Wolf sees that the monster is ailing, he has no other choice as a doctor and nascent mad scientist but to try and make him well again, which might not be easy considering his super-human biological makeup. The villagers, who don’t like anybody by the name of Frankenstein anyway, begin to suspect that something nefarious is underway at Castle Frankenstein, especially when Ygor begins sending the monster out to kill certain of the villagers who served on the jury that condemned him to be hanged years earlier. Vengeance is mine, sayeth Ygor.  




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