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That Ol’ Country Boy was Just Horsin’ Around

~ That Ol’ Country Boy was Just Horsin’ Around ~ 

In Paper Moon, one of the best movies of the 1970s (and one of the prettiest to look at with its crisp black-and-white photography), there are some very funny scenes involving hoochie-coochie dancer Trixie Delight (Madeleine Kahn) and her “lady’s maid” Imogene (P. J. Johnson). In this scene in the car, Imogene is about to reveal some information to Trixie’s latest love interest Mose (Ryan O’Neal) that Trixie would rather he didn’t know.

“Tell him about the time that man tried to crack yo’ head open wif a bottle, Miss Trixie,” Imogene says.

“Oh, Imogene, you silly old thing! That ol’ country boy was just horsin’ around,” Miss Trixie says.

Mose gives Trixie an inquiring look and she says to him with an embarrassed little laugh, “Ask me real nice and I’ll tell you about that sometime.”

Paper Moon, Oh, Imogene, You Silly Old Thing

Paper Moon, Miss Trixie

Later in the movie, Trixie is trying to persuade Addie to let her sit in the front seat (“cause that’s where grownups do the sittin”).

“Somehow or other I don’t manage to hold on real long,” Trixie says. “I might get a new pair of shoes…a new dress…a few laughs…times are hard.” (Choking back tears.) “So if you fool around on the hill up here, honey, you don’t get nothin’, I don’t get nothin’, he don’t get nothin’. So how about it, honey, just for a little while? Let ol’ Trixie sit up front with her big tits.”

Paper Moon, So if you fool around on the hill up here, you don't get nothin', I don't get nothin', he don't get nothin'



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