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Odd Family

Odd family

Odd Family ~

In this undated vintage photo, the adult in the picture, obviously a woman (the mother?), is covered from head to toe like a warehouse statue. There must be a good reason, but, of course, we don’t know what it is. Is she just simply camera shy or horribly ugly and disfigured as the covering suggests? Even her hands are covered. Maybe she’s trying to give the illusion that she’s not even there. (We see you even if you think we don’t!) Possibly she’s allergic to dust or to those three odd young ones. The boy looks angry, the girl looks sad and the baby looks mystified.




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  1. Odd Family…….Certainly was odd. That could be Boob & Sue and there chillen.

  2. In the 19th century, it was common for an adult to pose with young children in an effort to keep them quiet and still. Taking the photo took some time, but the idea was to get a pic of the kids, not the (probable) granny in the garb.

    Those photos may look like freaky shit today, but it was quite ordinary back then. Just imagine how they’d feel about us smiling in photos? Or even chicks pouting their lips in ridiculous selfies?

  3. The woman may b dead possibly due 2 child birth


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