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Churn Thy Butter, Volume 3, April 2014

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Churn Thy Butter cover

Churn Thy Butter ~ Issue 3, April 2014

(My short story “Happy Trails” is in this issue of Churn Thy Butter.)

Time to traverse the eccentricities of Church Thy Butter, Issue 3. First is Aaron Polson’s “Evidence,” which offers up a creepy VHS tape. Next is Colin Dodds’ poem “The Last Will and Testament of Spill-O.” It features surreptitious sausages, but really isn’t that the only kind of sausage? Harkens back to Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. Lastly is a tale called “Happy Trails” written by Allen Kopp. Reminiscent of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, but thankfully not as sad or disgusting.

Volume 3 may be read at the link below. (You might find the PDF version easier to read than the version where you have to turn the pages with the mouse.)



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