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Selected Places: An Anthology of Short Stories

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Selected Places: Anthology of Short Stories
From Simone Press

(My short story, “Find Out Where the Train is Going” is in this brand-new short story anthology.)

With short stories by Fariel Shafee, Gillian Rioja, John Mueter, Victoria Whittaker, Matthew McKiernan, Melodie Corrigall, William Doreski, Priscilla Cook, Rob Pope, Billie Louise Jones, Stephen McQuiggan, Katarina Boudreaux, Thomas Larsen, Michael Estabrook, Allen Kopp, Jim Meirose, Ken Leland, Gary Beck, Columbkill Noonan, Paul Lamble.

Available from Amazon for $12.99 at this link:


Paranormal Horror Anthology

Paranormal Horror Anthology 1

~ Paranormal Horror

(My short story “Without Sin” is in this collection.)

An Anthology of Short Stories by Jessica Lynne Gardner, Katanie Duarte, Matthew Wilson, Jenean McBrearty, Adam Sickmiller, Larry M. Mason, Chris Castle, Hal Kempka, Glen Rolfe, T. L. Sherwood, Arpa Mukhopadhyay, Jim Cagwin, Wendy L Schmidt, Allen Kopp, Gary Clifton, Chris Mawbey, A. A. Garrison. Edited by Elle Pryor.

This paranormal horror anthology features stories about poltergeists, ghosts and haunted houses. There are demons that inhabit launderettes, shops and churches. Grave robbers die in mysterious circumstances. Aliens begin their invasion of Earth. A vampire feasts on a pet dog. Curses, mud and serial murderer’s kill their unsuspecting victims.

May be purchased at this link for $10 a copy:

Paranormal Horror Anthology Two

Paranormal Horror Anthology 2

~ Paranormal Horror Two ~

(My short story “Head in a Bottle” is in this collection.)

An Anthology of Short Stories by James Cagwin, Allen Kopp, Wendy L. Schmidt, Katanie Duarte, Jenean McBrearty, Gary Clifton, Chris Mawbey, Daniel Davis, John Haas, A. A. Garrison, Diane Arelle, Jerry G. Erwin, Ed Ahern, Matthew Wilson, W. K. Erwin, David Perlmutter. Edited by Elle Pryor.

This sequel features pizza loving vampires, revengeful werewolves and stuffed humans. The devil steals souls and supernatural beings possess the living. Meet the demons inhabiting underground caverns and cellars. Wander through haunted houses. “Paranormal Horror Two” is the sequel to the popular “Paranormal Horror” anthology. These chilling tales will haunt you for a long time.

May be purchased at this link for $12 per copy:


Paranormal Horror Two ~ An Anthology of Short Stories


Paranormal Horror Tw0 ~ An Anthology of Short Stories from Simone Press

With terrifying stories about werewolves, stuffed humans, vampires, guardian angels, the devil and a variety of malevolent demons between its macabre pages. It’s the sequel to the popular “Paranormal Horror” anthology. It features new contributors Ed Ahern, Diane Arelle, Daniel Davis, W.K. Erwin, Jerry G. Erwin, John Haas and David Perlmutter. Their chilling tales will give you nightmares. Returning as authors are the writers that made the prequel so good: Jim Cagwin, Gary Clifton, Katanie Duarte, A.A. Garrison, Allen Kopp, Chris Mawbey, Jenean McBrearty, Matthew Wilson and Wendy L. Schmidt have written brilliant new tales. If you are interested in the paranormal and like being scared then this is the perfect book for you.

Available on Amazon in Kindle edition at $2.99: