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“It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily”

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~ Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express (1932) ~

After an unhappy love affair, she becomes a prostitute, known as Shanghai Lily, the notorious White Flower of the Orient. (“It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily,” she says.) On a memorable train trip from Peking to Shanghai with a group of disparate passengers, she reunites with her lost love and is willing to sacrifice herself to a despicable warlord to save his life. In this picture, she is enjoying a more contemplative moment on the train with a cigarette.

Shanghai Express image 1

The Garden of Allah (1936)

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~ The Garden of Allah ~

Looking glamorous every step of the way, Marlene Dietrich escapes across the Sahara desert with her mysterious boyfriend, Charles Boyer, in the Technicolor dream, The Garden of Allah, made in 1936. 

The Garden of Allah image 5